Jason lane dating coach

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Then Lana started to feel that she could be with Clark after all.

After having fought Clark for possession of the stone, Lana reverted to her true self and Jason managed to sneak the Crystal of Air to Smallville without Clark and Lex noticing.

While taking a brass rubbing of the ancient tomb of Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux, Lana passed out and was imprinted with a weird symbol.

After discovering that the symbol was similar to the ones in the Kawatche Caves, Lana had to return to Smallville to learn more about the mysterious tattoo on her back.

Finally free of Smallville's expectations, Clark, and the metahumans of her hometown, Lana believed she could finally start to build her own life.

In Paris, she met Jason Teague, and started a relationship with him.

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