Isla fisher dating history

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It was Cohen who urged her to embrace comedy at a time when she wanted to prove her dramatic skills.

Not even pregnancy slowed down her Hollywood progress, though in her last film, the stunt-filled Hot Rod, starring Ian Mc Shane and Sissy Spacek, producers made her sit out risky scenes.“They wouldn’t even let me perform a single stunt,” she says.She was once engaged to love rat Darren Day, who made his dubious reputation dating and dumping Isla, as well as actresses Anna Friel, Tracy Shaw and former Hear’Say singer Suzanne Shaw.These days she and Cohen are paparazzi targets and they make an exotic couple; her 5ft 2in frame is dwarfed by his 6ft 3in.“I really enjoyed not being noticed but we’re starting to have our pictures taken a little more often,” she says.After studying mime in Paris, she headed to London.It was while trudging the obligatory starlet path – steamy photo sessions for lads’ mags, dalliances with Coronation Street actors, small TV roles and app­earances on various World’s Sexiest Women lists – that she met Cohen, who was then starring as Ali G.

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