Is usher still dating grace miguel

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Usher Raymond and wife of two years, Grace Miguel, have called it quits, at least for now.

As an adult I have learned that if we don’t get up every day with a commitment to joy, were not gonna have it.

It’s a choice and a decision to reset each new day to the default of happiness.

Grace Miguel, 48, whose real name is Michelle Grace Harry, and R&B singer Usher married in 2015.And if you are reading this and getting overwhelmed by the idea of making the time to add yoga or meditation into your already packed day, then here are other tool option suggestions for YOUR toolkit… Send a morning love text to 3 people, letting them know how much you appreciate them in your life. Play 1 song (loud) that you haven't heard in years that puts you into an immediate state of Happy, happy, happy! Then dance your ass off to it for the full duration of the song. Stare into your eyes in the mirror and say to yourself all the things you are proud of (this week, month, year, ever! If you don't have time to go to the gym then do a 20 minute class on your phone. Giving yourself moments that put YOU first, gets you in the JOY ZONE.) Put on your timer and build up to 3 mins of giving yourself props for killin it! Smile at every person you pass on your way to work. This is the shit you know, but need a reminder that you already know IT.The separation came just months after Usher was accused of spreading the herpes virus to three different people.Miguel, a Brooklyn native, began dating Usher back in 2009.

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