Is liam payne dating danielle again

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Ps: you’re amazing,” she had an even more cryptic response.

“You’re amazing (and yes I’m avoiding the question),” she admitted, before a third fan asked if she’s missing Liam: “Why, where’s he gone? It wasn’t long before Danielle decided the speculation was enough and logged off her Instagram account for good: “Taking a little time out from social media,” she wrote.

“They were kissing passionately with his hand wrapped around the back of her head and they obviously couldn’t get enough of each other,” the source said.

He’d moved onto a new model before you could say ‘Liam and Cheryl have split’.

However it was not a love built to last: in a statement at the time of their break up, a rep for the star simply said: “Liam and Danielle have split.“It is all very amicable and the pair remain friends.”Liam dated a Sophia, a friend from school, for two years.

They didn’t have a dramatic age gap - Sophia is a year younger than Liam.

However, nothing else emerged from the reports and there have been no further links between the duo.

Perhaps one of Liam’s most important relationships as the 25 year old singer become a father with Cheryl.

The One Direction star, 25, interrupted fans’ live chat with music hunk John Mayer – we’re not sure he’s ever met him – to say hi, ask him how he was doing and randomly tell him, ‘I’m single too’. Liam and 20-year-old beauty Cairo were pictured passionately kissing exactly a month after he announced his split from Cheryl.Meanwhile, Cheryl was pictured taking their baby Bear to a kids’ party at Girls Aloud star Kimberly Walsh’s house over the weekend.Cheryl reportedly decided to break things off with Liam as she ‘felt they were not able to operate as partners anymore,’ The Sun reported.But in order to do right by somebody, sometimes it’s better not to do what your heart wants, but to do what’s better for them.” Both Danielle and Liam have remained close friends since their relationship - with rumours they were in contact again recently - which happened after they met on The X Factor.It’s thought they broke up due to work commitments, her modelling and his touring.

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