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But it’s difficult to forget that Ireland has one of the strictest anti-abortion laws in Europe, and a largely conservative society where the Catholic church remains highly influential, which means the experience of twentysomething women in Ireland is always going to differ from young women in the UK.

I understand this constrast better than most – I’m from Northern Ireland, but I hold an Irish passport and consider London my adopted home.

Apple employs around 6,000 in Ireland, mostly at Cork's Hollyhill site, where it has invested more than €220m. Ralph Riegel EMERGENCY services admitted it was a miracle no-one was injured after a major blaze in a multi-storey car park which left 60 cars gutted or damaged and forced the evacuation and closure of a...

So, it’s St Patrick’s Day, which means, Irish or not, plenty of us will be sinking a pint of Guinness in honour of the occasion – around 60,000 people lined the streets in Birmingham on Sunday for the city’s annual parade. After all, it takes less time to fly to Dublin from London than it does to get to Blackpool, and the Irish sure as hell know how to have a good time.

If I go out for dinner with girlfriends in London, we’ll have rimming and self-love covered off before the starters arrive, but in Ireland, explicit sex chat is generally off the menu.

‘I was visiting a friend in London, who’d recently moved over from Dublin,’ says 27-year-old Nicola.

So I decided to speak to some twentysomething women from around Ireland to find out how they reconcile life in a modern life in a country that boasts some of the best educated women in Europe (according to a Eurostat survey, 57.9 per cent of Irish women aged 30 to 34 have a third-level education, compared with the EU average of 39.9 per cent), but where abortion is still illegal and you couldn’t buy condoms without a prescription until 1985.

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According to a 2011 UNICEF report, 21% of Irish teens admitted to watching pronography to teach themselves about sex, while more than a third believed it was accurate and educational.

Dani, 26, also from Dublin, remembers getting a book from her parents when she was 11, to explain the birds and the bees.

‘The thing that stood out most was this pyramid diagram.

More disturbingly, one friend told me how she was shown an anti-abortion video at school that featured graphic scenes of dismembered babies discarded in bins. Sure, there’s an alcohol culture here in the UK, but nobody can drink like the Irish.

We know how to party and we’ll probably get the first round in The Craic is king in Ireland, and pretty much everything revolves around the pursuit of banter. Being able to hold your liquor is a matter of national pride.

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