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It's particularly telling that immediately after winning a playoff game in the most ridiculous way possible, and moving a little too quickly to trademark "Minneapolis Miracle" so the owners could rake it in from the gullible wallets of a people used to losing, your team went and crapped the bed against Nick Foles and the Eagles, costing you the first home Super Bowl in history. Arthur Blank's mustache.), you’re still savvy enough fans to recognize there’s not a whole lot (thanks for nothing, Eugene Robinson) in your 50-year history to get up in people’s faces about. Now, he just charges for parking, which is usually paid by fans of the visiting team, because there ARE NO LA CHARGERS FANS. There are basically three kinds of Colts fans: die-hards who thought building the Hoosier Dome before you had an actual team was a stroke of GENIUS; Peyton Manning fans who dropped 0 on an authentic jersey in 2005 and don’t much feel like switching; and people who know about football and are just attracted by the smell of frying pork.But you're still nice Midwesterners, which means you have even fewer issues giving up and jumping on the Packers bandwagon. Your revisionist history of Adam Vinatieri’s career aside, you’re actually a pretty innocuous group, mostly because anyone can shut you up just by yelling “OMAHA! ) And although none of you actually LIKE being associated with the (AFC) South, it makes getting to the playoffs infinitely easier.episode where Hank and the gang kinda grudgingly go watch the Texans practice because it’s a lot closer than the Cowboys and they figure, hey, it’s football? Hell, they’re not even Houston’s team, since THAT team plays in Nashville.But, hey, it’s a big city, and it's football, and it’s an excuse to go grill something on a Sunday, so why not?And since you're all just kind of Texans fans by default, nobody gets too worked up about things.

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Until Calvin Johnson came along, the only player's jersey you saw Lions fans wear at home games was...And a good rule of thumb: The better the team, the more unpleasant the fans.So, who are the folks we might invite over to our tailgate, and who are the ones we pray don’t sit next to us on an airplane?And while you'd think a group of people who are Gator fans on Saturday would be completely intolerable, Jags supporters get all of their annoyingness out during college games; by Sunday, they're content to just come out and enjoy the nice weather, regardless of which former Florida college star is throwing INTs that week. Considering how insufferable you should be having tasted success without paying any dues, you're surprisingly not that bad.Even when the team is good, some things never change. Probably because the number of teal seats you see on television is directly proportional to the number of wins the Panthers have that season, and what kind of mood Cam Newton is in.

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