Intimidating color scheme

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But it’s simply putting colors together in a way that its visual and psychological impact on the viewer is appealing; thus, is successful and effective in sending across the message it wants to convey.

Put another way, remember a time when you came across a website, or saw a traditional billboard on a road trip, and you were drawn to it? But mostly, it was the artful combination of colors that did the trick.

It’s good for highlighting but should not be used excessively as it can be jarring to the senses and straining to the eyes.

Color triads – are three colors on the color wheel that have equal distance between each other, like an equilateral triangle.

It looks great on a background of black or white but should be used sparingly as it can get boring.

Analogous colors – colors that are beside each other on the color wheel.

It yields a contrast that is less intense than a full complementary scheme and is more harmonious to the eye.

A cool or warm color can seemingly change how it looks when it interacts with the color beside or around it.

When users come upon your blog, the decision to pass or read is, to a large degree, also based on your color scheme, although they may not be conscious of it.

For this reason, your blog should carefully consider the colors to use for attracting traffic and setting your brand.

Biv.) The color wheel groups colors into three classes: primary, secondary, and tertiary. These three colors come from natural pigments and cannot be re-created by mixing other colors.

Mixing any two of the primary colors give you all the other colors in the color wheel. They can be made from any two primary colors mixed in equal parts.

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