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For example, molecular recognition driven by hydrogen bonding can be orders of magnitude stronger at the air-water interface than in solution [2, 3], which may be exploited in the formation of ordered materials [4] or the operation of molecular machines at the air-water interface [5].

When additional species are added to the system, these may accumulate at the interface; this is exemplified by amphiphilic surfactants, the adsorption of which to interfaces can be used to modify interfacial properties, such as surface tension.

It has long been recognised that liquid interfaces potentially provide elegant and convenient templates for the construction of dense and ordered structures.While in most biological contexts protein adsorption at interfaces is avoided, due to the denaturing effect of the interface, for a number of proteins the interface is their native environment [20] and they fulfil a number of biological functions, including acting as surfactants, catalysis, and immune response.The behaviour of proteins at interfaces is also of interest for many industrial and technological applications.The adsorption of nanoparticles onto liquid interfaces has been used by a number of groups to create dense nanoparticle monolayers [13] and to create nanoparticle stabilised emulsions (colloidosomes) [14].Adsorption of metallic or semiconducting nanoparticles at electrified interfaces has the potential to create novel electrooptical devices [15], such as nanoplasmonic sensors or nanoparticle mirrors.

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