Incentives for consolidating school districts

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Mississippi ranks slightly below the middle of the pack (21st of 51) with 144 districts serving half a million students.

Thirteen states have fewer than 100 school districts, and 10 states have more than 500 districts.

Click here to see the counties with only one school district and their administrative costs.

This chart also provides districts’ student achievement indices (QDIs) pertaining to the following information.

National research has shown this trend consistently, and Mississippi’s own experience with consolidation and district size has yielded the same result. According to the Center for Policy Research (Does School Consolidation Cut Costs?

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Nationally, each of the five states with the highest academic achievement (Massachusetts, New Jersey, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Connecticut) has over 150 school districts.The apparent effects of consolidation on academic achievement are mixed and are difficult to pinpoint. (2000) and Schreiber (2002) found a positive relationship between large school size and academic achievement; academic and extracurricular offerings were improved, and student test scores, generally, improved as well.Lee and Smith (1995) and Harrison (2003) found the opposite to be true.Provide the State Board of Education the authority to consolidate school districts that are placed under conservatorship; 4.Consolidate back-office operations and support services of Mississippi school districts.

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