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”, I bet that 99.9% of us would have answered without hesitation “I’d kill him then leave him”.And we would have answered that way because we never believed for one second that he would actually cheat!Some of these, such as this one, were sent last year or the year before.With Sex Addiction, unfortunately, [...]Often I get requests asking for advice or for me to provide e-mail addresses or phone numbers of other readers so that a personal connection can be made.

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Wanting to take responsibility for loving his wife as Christ loves his church, he felt as if God omitted from the Bible the PMS owners manual for husbands to deal with the wifes emotions during this difficult monthly cycle.

This article is not a comprehensive course on marriage relationships; nonetheless, it is my own observations of marriages, including some of my own failures and successes, and what I feel is useful to any man that wants to pattern his marriage relationship according to the precepts taught in scripture.

As far as a husband dealing with his wifes PMS emotions, in scripture the primary responsibility required of the believing husband is to treat her in the same manner that Jesus Christ does his church.

Here's a few ideas to help you through the Holidays and deal with all that holiday stress.

Ahhhh..[...]Note from Jo Ann: I have searched through my archives for stories that I have not posted.

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