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Each morning we’d sail about half an hour to an hour to a secluded little bay for breakfast and a dip, and we’d be there for up to two hours.I was in the water basically the entire time every time, only getting out for my daily brekkie of Croatian Nutella on fresh bread a.k.a. What you can’t see here is me screaming and flailing around because I was completely surrounded by fish after my ‘friends’ threw fish food (bread) all around me.There were other boats that were full on all the time, and some who were there for a quiet week, so each boat basically just did what they wanted.So even if you’re travelling solo and you’re looking for a relaxing week to read some books on the deck, you won’t get thrown on a boat with party animals, and vice versa.

The nine of us were all looking for a decent dose of sun and sea, some casual drinks each afternoon and one or two bigger nights out.After dinner there was a vuvuzela competition, fried pastry with icing sugar for dessert, and lots of homemade liqueur, before our trusty skipper delivered us safely to our floating home 20 metres away.From super fresh seafood to homemade olive oils to delicious hazelnut gelato, Most evenings there was a recommended restaurant, so you could pre-order your meal on the boat and get your food basically as soon as you sat down. If you wanted to eat elsewhere though you are more than welcome to do so, and the The food on the boat is great too.Our skipper Chloe was one of the best parts of our trip for sure.She was a Brit, my age, and had been sailing for only a couple of years, although you’d never know that from her skills and confidence on the boat.

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