Hina dating game

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Having failed the exam, Naru blames Keitaro and decides to take a trip of healing through southern Japan away from him but ends up repeatedly running into Keitaro, who had also failed the exam and was following the same travel route as Naru.Opting to travel together, they run into Mutsumi Otohime while on a cruise to Kagoshima.Following their return to Hinata House, Keitaro begins looking for a job and is employed as an item mover for Noriyasu Seta and Naru and her tutor are reacquainted.

After Naru entered High School, Seta left to go overseas, but Naru promised him that one day she would get into Tokyo University.

Gaining her health, Naru grew up and became a day dreamer and a poor student during Junior High School.

Moving to Hinata House (now a girls dorm), Naru was given a tutor, a Tokyo University student named Noriyasu Seta.

She is the most reliable and compassionate member of the household, and will stick her neck out for anybody that needs help, even people that would initially dislike her. In contrast, Naru is characterized by her short temper and physically aggressive nature when irritated.

Naru's hair antenna has since become a signature appearance that is synonymous with her character, as well as Mutsumi Otohime.

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