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Training being composed by and for the stakeholders means that victim advocates are also valuable instructors for law enforcement. The ability to cross-train all stakeholders in services provided to women victims of violent crime ensures that Henry County’s practices and procedures are operationally sound and that system professionals are victim-dedicated no matter what their function.

Training sessions feature Samantha Duncan of the Haven House and Monica Evans of the Southern Crescent Sexual Assault Center who provide shelter updates and new and regular services offered by their respective entities for victims of violence against women.

In Henry County, they have a plan regarding victims of violence against women.

The words are simple, but ground-breaking in their approach because of their intended audience, law enforcement officers.

Although the police academy trains officers in the enforcement of immediate victim safety, they are not typically trained in depth of the resources available to VAWA victims to recover and remove themselves and their families from the cycle of abuse.

This ensures that women victims are heard and helped, and abusers are brought to justice.

“The victim needs to know and believe that she has rights and resources to come out of an abusive situation…” says former Henry County Solicitor Chuck Spahos.

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