Gretsch drums serial number dating

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They're sealed - as always - on the inside with a thin silver paint.The bearing edges are a gently curved 30 degrees to the outer radius rather than the sharper 45 degrees of most drums. The other characteristic feature is the die-cast hoops.Blue strata was a color listed in the Rogers catalog only in 1967.Rogers drums in this finish are rare, and this is the only wood dyna I have ever encountered in this finish.The shallower drum is finished in Antique Curly Maple, a deep brown-stained, figured veneer.Offset by the brilliant chrome plate, this is a great looker.This is the only drum I have ever encountered in this configuration.

This color is rare and the finish is extremely vivid on this drum, which came from the collection of Harry Cangany, noted drum historian and author.So how will these two commemorative models shape up?Each drum is one of only 125 (maximum) to be built in Gretsch's USA Custom Shop and comes with a'60s vintage orange and white interior label, plus a certificate of authenticity, stating the serial number and the date built.Fender originally used this method for their Coronado guitars, and then applied the concept to Rogers.The color was not a popular choice for Fender or Rogers, so the process was discontinued and few drums were built. In addition, we have the matching kit which includes (2) 8x12 toms, a 14x14 FT and a 14x20 bass drum.

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