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If you’re looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with and cook with everyday, try vegan dating with us.Breaking Bonaduce is an American reality television series that aired on VH1, focusing on former child-actor Danny Bonaduce, and how his (then-) increasingly unstable lifestyle impacted his then-wife, Gretchen, and their two children.To get him away from that atmosphere, TV mom Shirley Jones and the other adults from the cast had Danny stay with them some weekends. Has stated that he and his wife, Gretchen Bonaduce, met on a blind date, and they were married that same day. 4, 1990 as the wedding date while divorce papers list Dec. Jones had children around Danny's age, so he fit in at her house. We understand that many of our members are busy professionals and constantly on the go, which is why we have made our service as practical as possible.You could find love at any point – on your way to work or at the dentists – when you least expect it.Over the course of filming, Bonaduce's previously publicized abuse of drugs resumes; an initially successful effort to replace that unhealthy behavior with overzealous exercise/bodybuilding backfires (as he falls into experimenting with performance-enhancing drugs, in order to "chase" the endorphin "rush" that overexercising gives him); and, later attempts suicide.He also makes periodic attempts to save his crumbling marriage by attending couple's counseling with his wife, Gretchen (who, over the course of the series, evolves from being Danny's constant enabler/excuse-maker, to filing for divorce after Bonaduce's dangerous antics finally push her too far).

They cry and complain that now they are no longer little and cute Hollywood has no use for them.

Bonaduce was part of The Adam Carolla Show in 2007.

In 2008 he was given a daily one-hour solo spot known as Broadcasting Bonaduce, which was broadcast locally on the L. In February 2009, it was announced that the station had changed its format from talk to Top 40, and the removal of Broadcasting Bonaduce from the KLSX schedule was confirmed.

The series premiered in September 2005 and ended in December 2006.

The series focused on the problems and events that had led Bonaduce, speaking retrospectively, to consider his life a "car crash".

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