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We both knew I was leaving on an early flight, so the night couldn’t get too crazy. Next thing you know, I rummaging through my limiting suitcase that I had already gotten tired of opening, searching for something decent that wasn’t ripped, stained, or ugly to wear on this date.

I grabbed my one always-reliable-black shirt, put on janky heels I saved for this situation exactly, and clicked out of the hostel with Damon by my side.

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To my defense, there was a three second stare situation that happened, I was obviously shook, giddy, but never stopped my motion. As we walked away, I flirtatiously smiled – more for the story and hilariousness of flirting since it had been so long for me.

Regardless of what brought me, I had concrete reasons to come back after my short week in Athens. The more I walked into trendy cafés and sipped perfectly made coffees that always had a little cookie on the side for me to enjoy, the more joy I felt.

The vibe was a mix of Rio de Janeiro with Rome, how could I not be smitten?

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about the possibilities that being single grants you.

Not even the chances of running into someone and falling in love, I was honestly mostly looking forward to that morning that comes after a long time of being heart broken where it all just stops hurting.

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