Germans difficult dating

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Born in an era when Germany was still grappling with its responsibility for the Holocaust and when the US Army had a policy of not acknowledging paternity claims brought against its soldiers stationed abroad, some of these children were put up for adoption in the United States.

Although a 1968 study estimated that up to 7,000 black German children were adopted by Americans, many others remained in Germany with biological relatives or as wards of the state.In the late 1940s and 1950s, efforts were made to match them with African-American military families, many of whom were stationed around Germany at the time.Forbidden to Speak German The adoptees grew up in the United States, many with no idea they were adopted or that they were half-German (for information on the difficulties encountered by black GIs wanting to stay with their German girlfriends, read the sidebar on the left).Scattered across the country, many of the children were forbidden to speak German in their new homes.At the time, it was believed that continuing to speak German would damage their ability to learn fluent English.

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