Gender differences in mate selection evidence from a speed dating

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After the match field, all of the ‘xxxx_2avg’ fields are derived as the average of each participant and partner’s ratings of one another.So, for instance, an ‘attr_2avg’ value of 5.0 signifies that the average of a) the participant’s attractive rating of his/her partner and b) the partner’s attractiveness rating of the participant have a mean value of 5.After a little munging, let’s explore this dataset using panda’s data-frame ‘describe’ method: The dataset has 3,013 observations — two-way interactions between a participant and a partner.The data has been cleaned to ensure that only one record exists for each unique participant/partner combination. A match only occurs between 17.8% of participant/partner pairs. Header-menu Button @media (min-width:1280px) @media (max-width:1279.95px) . Mui Snackbar-anchor Origin Bottom Left @media (min-width:960px) . Mui Touch Ripple-child Pulsate @keyframes mui-ripple-enter @keyframes mui-ripple-exit @keyframes mui-ripple-pulsate . Layout-main @media (max-width:959.95px) p p:first-of-type p:last-of-type .

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I’m interested in predicting the likelihood of a ‘match’, that is, two participants each signifying interest in a second date, based on how they rated one another across all six attributes.

This dataset, which is freely available at https:// includes a binary ‘match’ field signifying bilateral interest in a second date, as well as 6x2 fields for how each participant/partner combination rated one another across the six attributes.

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