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From evidence it suggested that Snider tied Stratten up, sexually assaulted her, and then put the shotgun next to her face and pulled the trigger. In case you have to have more Dorothy Stratten, visit...

In the wake of Star Wars, a number of imitators appeared on television and the big screen that attempted to find that same middle ground of nostalgia for old space serials and sensibilities of the late 70's and early 80's.She often drew the sole critical praise in reviews of C-grade movies like Autumn Born (1979) and Galaxina (1980), and became one of the few actresses to escape from the Playboy stigma and land increasingly respectable roles.Snider, meanwhile, severely abused Stratten on multiple levels, driving her increasingly away from him; he also sank into cocaine-induced behavior not simply tasteless and ignorant, but insane and violent.He sent the pictures to Playboy, they selected her as a centerfold and eventually Playmate of the Year, the couple moved to Los Angeles together where she started getting acting offers, appearing in five movies in her two short years at the top, two small appearances and three featured roles.In less than a year she had gone from "girl at the snack bar" in Skatetown USA - a disco epic directed by the auteur behind Blackenstein and The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington featuring Scott Baio, Billy Barty, Marcia Brady, the Unknown Comic and Horshack - to headlining the tedious B-movie Galaxina.

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