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2pm Philip King with Very Special Musical Guest 1pm Notes from an Apocalypse: A Personal Journey to the End of the World and Back: Mark O’Connell in conversation with Dr Niamh Shaw 8.30-10pm The Metabollix 6.45pm Leviathan: Climate Emergency – Real Solutions Now, hosted by David Mc Williams 5.15pm History Ireland Hedge School: The Emergency – 80 Years On 4pm Amnesty Hour: Welcoming Communities – A New Way to Welcome Refugees, hosted by Colm O’Gorman with Razan Ibrahim and Fiona Finn 2.30pm EUand Me presents Brilliant Innovation, hosted by Dearbhail Mc Donald 1.15pm Irish Research Council presents The Lives of Others: Populists & the Fear of “Others” – Dr Sindy Joyce and Martin Beanz Warde, hosted by Jennifer O’Connell 11am Salon du Chat 4.30pm Fionntán Larney and Dominic O’Brien: Beat 3pm Word Up Collective: Emmet O’Brien and Guests 1.30pm Breadline Collective: Well That’s What I Heard Noon Choy Ping Clarke-Ng: Where Are You From?11pm Backroad Smokers Club (funk, jazz and psychedelic rock) 10pm Good Man Sheila (festival favourites and nonstop dance masters) 9pm Bobby and the Blunts (funk/punk and full-on rock) 8pm The Clare Sands Band (eclectic and energetic, funky fusion music) 7pm Hussy Hicks (Australian band running the gamut of musical genres, incorporating blues, folk, gypsy, alt country and soul) 6.30pm Áine Tyrrell (Australia-based Irish singer whose music is a call to arms) 5.45pm Matt Mc Manamon (formerly of The Dead 60s and The Specials) 5pm The Con Murphy Band (Irish indie/folk singer-songwriter) 4pm Juicebox Comedy Club (Aidan Shields MC, Joe Dowlin, Richie Sheehy, Andrew Gilmore) 3pm Cúirt festival presents Slam Showcase 2pm Amusings (comedy, poetry and spoken word) 1pm Poetry and Words (featuring the Pheonix Fire Collective and Niall Ó Mainín) Noon The Galway Ukers (ukulele band playing your favourite songs to ease hangovers) 11am The Storytellers Session (featuring Candlelight Tales) 5pm The David Mc Williams Podcast 3.55pm The Laughs of Your Life, with Doireann Garrihy and her guest Blindboy Boatclub 2.30pm Sam Bungey and Jennifer Forde of West Cork podcast 1.15pm Second Captains: The Player’s Chair, with Richie Sadlier Noon The Blindboy Podcast 5.15pm Brian Donnelly: Bia Rebel Ramen 4.30pm The Cupcake Bloke: Guess Who’s Brack 3.45pm Brian Mc Dermott: Taste Donegal 3pm Holly White: Making Plant-Based Practical 2.15pm Jack O’Keeffe: Notorious PIG. 12.45pm Sinéad Delahunty: Brunch with Delalicious 6.30pm Fionnuala Harkin of Wines Direct: Wine, Wit and Wisdom 5.15pm The Mindful Farmer: Being Mindful in a Minefield World 4pm Kevin O’Toole and Sham Hanifa: A Mindful Approach to Eating 2.30pm 4Hands Food Studio: Sprouting Workshop 1pm Aileen Cox Blundell: Baby-Led Feeding 5.30pm 4Hands Food Workshop: Making Kombucha and Ginger Beer 3.30pm Edward Dillon Show, featuring Bacardi, Slane Whiskey and Hennessy Cognac 2.30pm Lynne Coyle MW: Rosé Wine Styles 1.30pm Oisin Davis: The Virgin Mary Bar and Alcohol-Free Drinks 12.30pm Elaine Cullen and Birgitta Hedin Curtin: Moët & Smoked Salmon 4.30pm Big Green Egg Masterclass with All Alfresco 4pm Kwanghi Chan: Asian-style Tomahawk Steak and Smoked Aubergine on the Big Green Egg 2pm Caitlin Ruth Food Truck: Sustainable Food Truck Classics (classes run through the afternoon, limited space, so first come first served) 10.30pm Florence the Machine 8.30pm Kodaline 7pm Richard Ashcroft 5.30pm Jess Glynne 4.15pm Razorlight 2.30pm Soja 1pm Dublin Gospel Choir 10.30pm The Streets 9.15pm J Hus 7.30pm Róisín Murphy 6pm Johnny Marr 4.45pm Sam Fender 3.30pm King Kong Company 2pm Fangclub 2.30am Gaudi 1am King Kong Company 11.15pm Elder Island 9.45pm Self Esteem 8.30pm Æ MAK 7.15pm Proper Micro NV 6pm whenyoung 4.45pm In Their Thousands 3.30pm Junior Brother 2.15pm Bob Skeleton 1.15pm Gemma Bradley Noon Sult 8.15-9pm David O’Doherty 7.35pm Daniel Sloss 7pm Jason Byrne 6.30pm Bernard O’Shea 6pm Kai Humphries 5.30pm Fred Cooke 5pm Tony Cantwell 4.35pm Kevin Mc Gahern 4.10pm Julie Jay 3.45pm Ryan Cullen 3.25pm Aoife Dooley 3.05pm Anna Clifford 2.35pm Bernard Casey 2.20pm Mark O’Keefe 2pm Shane Clifford 1.30pm John Colleary 1.15pm MC Karl Spain 11pm Michael Kiwanuka 9.30pm Mitski 8.15pm Mø 7pm All Tvvins 5.45pm Talos 4.30pm Le Boom 3.15pm Touts 2pm His Father’s Voice 11pm Kero Kero Bonito 9.45pm Ider 8.30pm Let’s Eat Grandma 7.15pm Georgia 6pm Cassia 5pm Heavy Lungs 4pm Powpig 3pm Yonaka 2pm Sinéad O’Brien 11pm Courtney Barnett 9.30pm Parquet Courts 8.15pm Bodega 7pm Sasami 5.45pm Sea Girls 4.30pm Cavetown 3.30pm The Wha 2.30pm Declan J Donavan 3-4am Moxie 1.40am Meltybrains?GREPPER or GREPHEAD: Someone who is really into UNIX.

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