Feeddemon not updating

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The latest (and final) version of Feed Demon is now available on the official project website.You can download and install it if you are running a PC with Windows.Safari: Blue RSS icon appears in URL bar when a feed is available.Other icons may appear within a web page to indicate that a feed is available.

Internet Explorer: Orange Feed Icon with drop down list of available feeds appears below search box on right when a feed (or feeds) is available.

There are only two changes in this release: You can import feeds using the File menu at the top.

This includes importing individual RSS feeds or OPML files.

Instead, you must install the desktop client on all PCs which you regularly use (and only PCs, as Linux and Mac aren't supported).

Feed Demon also lacks Android and i OS apps, so if you're likely to read while on the go, you may want to check out one of Feedly's mobile offerings.

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