Facts on teenage dating violence

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Emotional dating violence may include controlling the partner by putting a watch on his/her movements, limiting his/her activities, and setting deadlines.Sometimes, an abuser may even use technology as a means to control or demean his/her partner.An estimated 25 percent to 35 percent of adolescent abusers reported that their violence served to intimidate, frighten or force the other person to give me something.2) FALSE It is the person who is using the abusive behavior who is responsible for the abuse and for instilling fear in the teem victim.TRUE or FALSE 6) If the police are called when dating violence is committed, the victim has to press charges for an arrest to occur.

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Most parents might find this unbelievable, but almost 72% of eighth and ninth graders are dating.They are at a high risk of abusing drugs and alcohol, and some might even develop eating disorders, or try to attempt suicide.It is extremely important to educate the young youth about dating violence.TRUE or FALSE 2) Girls who stay in abusive relationships have no one to blame but themselves.TRUE or FALSE 3) Dating violence happens mostly to females.

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