Excel 2016 automatically updating workbook

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in the above dialog box will change the Protect and Share Workbook button on the ribbon to Unprotect Shared Workbook, and clicking this button will both remove the protection from the shared workbook and stop sharing it.option only prevents turning off change tracking in a shared workbook, but does not prevent other users from editing or deleting the workbook's contents.

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Further on in this tutorial, you will find the details on how to do all this.While fast and convenient, the former method created multiple versions of the same document, and the latter produced a secure though non-editable copy.The recent versions of Excel 2010, 20 make it easy to share and collaborate on workbooks.The complete list of features unsupported in shared workbooks can be found on Microsoft's web-site.After you open a shared workbook, you can enter new or change existing data in a regular way.

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