Enabling development teams updating demo files

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We have been preparing to meet the needs of a broad and vibrant Filecoin community.Three examples of this include launching the Filecoin Private Preview, supporting Global Filecoin Meetups and collaborating with leading research, engineering, and blockchain organizations. Protocol Labs has developed and adopted a set of open source intellectual property commitments we call the Permissive License Stack.The version (9.0) of the browser you are using is outdated and not supported.You should consider upgrading to a more up-to-date browser.Its solution stands to improve random leader election based protocols, such as Filecoin and many other blockchains, particularly Proof-of-Stake systems.We have called this problem Single Secret Leader Election (SSLE), and it involves electing at most one leader, in a fair, unpredictable, and secret way, from a weighted set of participants.EC is now implemented within go-filecoin’s SPC implementation, and can be seen keeping the Filecoin blockchains stable across our devnets. This is a significant improvement, as VDFs give Po STs much stronger timing guarantees than we get from the bare Po Reps.This is great because it allows us to have longer Po ST verification cycles, and thus to significantly reduce the amount of data accumulated on-chain.

We’re hopeful that sharing our approach will help our colleagues at other companies and organizations to join us and follow this path forward.In the last two quarters, we formalized EC’s properties and studied it in a variety of scenarios.We explored a number of questions through simulation, such as parameter choices, weighing function choices, and incentive compatibility.The most popular browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and Safari.Upgrading to the latest version of one of these will make the web safer, faster and better looking.

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