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Peaches — who lost her mother, Paula Yates, to a heroin overdose in 2000 — strongly denied taking drugs after photos of her appearing “high” in bed with a mystery man were posted online.

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It’s like celebrating an extra chunky skidmark on your favorite chonies that just can’t be scrubbed out. And here we thought that this beautiful union would end as soon as the drugs evaporated from Eli’s system. Peaches and Eli continued the celebrations last night by having dinner at The Ivy in London.Peaches tried to her best, but the second coming of ass beat her.That ass is seriously some Berenstain Bears Got Caught With Its Hand In The Caca Jar shit!Now I’m not saying that Eli didn’t propose to Peaches (all-you-can pump ass sex is a major selling point for marriage), but I am saying that the ring is most likely her promise to fame to keep fucking it until death (or the loss of all her Twitter followers) do them part! There’s a good reason for why Eli Roth looks like a deer caught in a hairy no-no.The full picture from Cobrasnake (via ONTD) is after the jump.

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