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If there is a cloud next to an item, it means it still needs to upload.You should also see a kind of pie icon next to the main i Cloud Drive entry in your finder sidebar which will help you trace what is yet to upload.But now that I've moved it to i Cloud drive, the file I see on my Mac Book is a much older version than the current version that I saved on my i Mac, without recent changes I have made.

But for all its usefulness, the thing we appreciate most about this cloud-storage app is how little we have to think about it.Since it supports a wide range of platforms like i OS, Android, Windows, Mac, and so on, it lets us sync our data across different platforms as well.Ideally, 2 GB of space is available for free on Dropbox for every user.Whether we’re sharing documents between devices, uploading photos directly from our camera, or emailing large files to friends, it all just works—seamlessly and effortlessly.All I want to do is move my files out of dropbox into my ordinary device storage.

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