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With information on people in England & Wales (Scotland and Northern Ireland are not included) and records dating back to 1837, 192is the ideal place to start researching your family history.

Then use the Birth, Marriage & Death register on 192to trace your family tree!

Daughter of Steve Mc Donald and Tracy Barlow, Amy is a chip off Tracy's block.

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That is why, even though I am supporting Doug Mc Callum for Mayor, I am also supporting Rina Gill for council. Laila Yule referred to a dark undertow within the NDP which is no different than Christy Clark's liberals.

She first arrived in Weatherfield in 2014 and was left the factory by former business partner Aidan Connor.

Alya eventually handed back control to Carla Connor, and things have been relatively quiet for her ever since.

1941 (1979) Ned Beatty's character's name, Ward Douglas, is a combination of the names of two well-known sitcom fathers, Ward Cleaver of Leave It to Beaver (1957) and Steve Douglas from My Three Sons (1960).

Out of This World: Evie's Two Dads (1989) (TV Episode) Evie Garland gleeps a fake father and says, "he should a cross between Bruce Springsteen, Steve Martin, and, just to make it look good, a touch of Ward Cleaver." Parker Lewis Can't Lose: Jerry: Portrait of a Video Junkie (1991) (TV Episode) The "Leave It to Beaver" theme is heard as Ms.

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