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Residential apartments in floors above the grade level floor in multi-story buildings, providing a minimum of six hundred fifty (650) square feet of net dwelling unit living area and one (1) off-street parking space per apartment.

For good cause shown, the requirement of one (1) off-street parking may be waived by a majority vote of the Board of Aldermen.

Any accessory use or structure permitted and as regulated in the "R-1" District and any accessory use or structure customarily incident or accessory to a principal or conditional use in the "R-2" District.

The "C-1" General Business District is designed primarily to accommodate those business districts and retail centers which are not designed according to an overall plan or are not under single entity.

Trade or business schools provided that the machinery used for instruction in not objectionable due to noises, fumes, smoke, odor or vibration.

Commercial art studios, animal hospitals, veterinary clinics.

The exterior appearance of the home and property shall be in reasonable conformance with the general neighborhood standards.

Institutional uses to include hospitals for human care, sanitariums, rest homes or nursing homes for convalescent patients and similar uses provided that any lot or tract of land in such use shall not be less than twenty thousand (20,000) square feet in area and provided that any building in which patients are housed shall be at least fifty (50) feet distance from any lot line. " data-group-annotation="false" data-google-translate="false" data-next_guid="28467119" data-build="dev-2019-07-11T.777Z" data-code-id="206530" data-guid="28466918" data-pdf-permission="true" data-url-schema="https" data-customer=""Area Regulations.In District "A-1", all regulations concerning the height of buildings, lot area, lot width, front yard, side yard and rear yard dimensions, off-street parking and off-street loading permitted on any lot shall be as shown in Section 405.230 unless otherwise stated more restrictively in other Sections of this Chapter (Also see Table I.Manufacture and maintenance of electric and neon signs, billboards, commercial advertising structures, light sheet metal products, including heating ventilating ducts and equipment, cornices, eaves and similar products.Manufacture, compounding, processing, packaging to treatment of such products as bakery goods, candy, cosmetics, dairy products, gelatin, perfumes, pharmaceuticals, toiletries and food products, except the following: fish and meat products, sauerkraut, vinegar, yeast and the rendering or refining of fats and oils.

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