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Jensen must meet him there and pose as the hitman to receive his assignments. Jensen's target, Double-T, can be found in one of the apartment complexes, the same one Seurat is in, on the third floor. He is guarded by five other Bangers, armed with shotguns and machine pistols.

O'Malley will be suspicious of Jensen, partly recognizing him as a former police officer, but by playing the part of the consummate professional Jensen can throw him off the track. One Banger is outside guarding the hallway and is friendly, merely telling Jensen to piss off when he approaches.

something about your profile really caught my eye ...;-)But, if you're looking at someone who's older or just more intelligent and refined, you can do something a bit different.

and seemed strangely familiar in that sixth-sense, gut-sense kinda way.

Once someone's intrigued by your message, they'll often visit your profile to see what you're about.

Remember that people have many, many options when it comes to who they message on these sites, so your profile must impress while simultaneously avoiding any red flags (of which there are many).(Like with profile photos, I'm sure I'll go into greater depth about online dating profiles elsewhere).7.

There tend to be roughly two types of profiles on dating sites: a) long, sophisticated, intelligent ones and b) short, immature, one or two sentence ones.she's in school, into yoga, seems fun and a little bit adventurous ...

O'Malley is located in the alley beside the Detroit Police Station. The weapon, actually a Crossbow, can be found in the side alley entrance to Derelict Row.

Francis may have different ideas though, if they can just get there.

When Jensen last spoke to Pritchard he didn't expect to see the hacker again.

Title's from Radiohead's Karma Police, which greatly inspired this story. Jensen's been pining for Pritchard for months, his thoughts of the man indecent at the very least.

He's got all of the things he wants to do to the hacker in a numerized list.

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