Dehyrdating tomatoes

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Fork tender means you can insert a fork easily without the potato crumbling. They are not dangerous to eat – but no one will want to eat them. Did I mention you need to blanch your potatoes before dehydrating?!Step 5 Strain potatoes or scoop out with a big slotted spoon.On a busy weeknight, those dehydrated potatoes sure are fast and easy! Whether or not you peel potatoes is totally up to you.Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t as you’ll see in the various photos. It’s true, if you have a cool, dark, dry place, potatoes will store very well. Why dehydrate potatoes when they store so well without doing anything?I’m not heating up the house, and I’m not dependent on the weather.Still, sun drying and oven drying are not to be discounted; they are both very effective methods of dehydration. Higher temperatures may cause the outside of the vegetable to harden while the inside remains moist, causing spoilage.

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I used the food processor, but a mandolin or sharp knife also work. If you want, you can also make shredded dehydrated potatoes. Step 3 Whether you shred or slice potatoes, place them in a bowl of water right away to prevent oxidation. It only took about 60 to 90 seconds for these potato slices to turn brown.I’ve used all 3 methods, and I definitely prefer dehydrating vegetables in my Excalibur Dehydrator.With 15 square feet of space, I can get a lot done at once.For the most successful results, be sure to use vegetables at the peak of their ripeness. The low temperature used in dehydrating vegetables helps to preserve nutrients.There are many ways to make dehydrated vegetables including sun drying, oven drying, or using an electric dehydrator.

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