Deciphering mixed dating signals

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Inconsistent behavior could be due to an inability to decide on how they feel — this isn’t your fault, as that indecisiveness stems from within your partner and most likely the fear that comes with the word “commitment.” In order to figure things out, your significant other may resort to putting space between themselves and what confuses them (in this case — the relationship).

And even though accepting this is difficult, your greatest action for this is to simply let the person you’re seeing do this.

Unfortunately, relationships are founded on trust and compromise, so you can see why the personality trait of selfishness impacts any relationship.

Although this isn’t the end of the world, you should recognize that personality traits aren’t meant to be changed.

Before you know it, the toxic thoughts began to consume you (but none of them are true).

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Of course, the reason the person you’re seeing may be giving mixed signals may be what you most likely dreaded in the first place.In a perfect world, people would be straightforward about their intentions and feelings, but we all know nothing is perfect.Although their purpose may not be to lead you on, they could be comfortable with the way the relationship has developed and have no intention to cut it off (until their interest moves to someone else).Feelings are already confusing enough, and the addition of someone we (still) like treating us sweetly one day and coldly the next is enough to leave our minds spinning with confusion.It’s easy to fall into the trap of blaming yourself when his or her actions toward you are anything but steady.

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