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This is the same problem that guys have when they’re discussing stuff with chicks.

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Arguing with a chick as if she’s a guy is just as useful as trying to make her feel sexy by sitting her down in front of a movie where the guy’s some HERO who bangs like 8 chicks in 25 minutes and all you hear from the females is “yes”, “uh-huh” and “PLEASE! You’re making things tougher for yourself rather than easier. What you NEED to do is realize that women have special needs… You’ll notice that I didn’t say BEING unique and BEING respected. So now that you’ve handled your business PROPERLY, Not ONLY is she no longer mad about what she had claimed to be mad about before, but next thing you know, she bought you that new steering wheel and racing game that she knows you don’t already have… She’s bought herself the same system so she can put on HER headset, grab HER brew and make herself useful on the battlefield!

AND you got the bonus points because NOW she feels like having you at home playing video games while she brings you brews is in HER best interest.

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