Dating violence protection act utah speed dating county

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We have represented individuals that have been charged with domestic violence and have even taken these types of cases to trial and won.Domestic Violence is not a joking matter and can affect your future.Sometimes, one parent will attempt to create the illusion of domestic violence in order to gain the advantage in a custody battle.Unfortunately, domestic violence is everywhere, in every income level, and in every culture, and often claims of domestic violence are very real.

If you have been charged with Domestic Violence you need a Utah lawyer that understands domestic violence laws in Utah.Only another court order will change your obligation to provide the child for visitation.In addition, domestic violence perpetrated against you, even if it results in a conviction, will not necessarily stop visitation.If you have a court order for visitation between a parent and a child, NOTHING but another court order will relieve you from your obligation to provide the child for visitation.ALLEGATIONS of domestic violence do not change your court orders.

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