Dating topics avoid

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Just tell her that you have never sat on a horse, but that you can imagine why she likes it (feeling of freedom, adventure etc.).

If you have the same interests and passions, it is pretty easy to add your own experiences.

I think I don’t have to tell you that this information is extremely superficial.

Don’t worry, I will later provide you with a list of tons of topics that you can use when you are on a date with a woman.

Women want to ge seduced by interesting guys who have the balls to say what they think, not by guys who pretend to like something, just because they want to lick her.

You don’t have to say that you hate horses, unless you really do, which would be pretty weird.

The only problem is that a lot of women are afraid of scaring you away by talking too much.

We all have seen the annoying chatterboxes in movies. That’s why it is so important to tell her directly that you want to find out more about her and that you want her to talk.

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