Dating the didache

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In addition, a Coptic fragment from Cairo, dating back to the 5 but was dismayed that some of its liturgy wasn’t there.Similarly, Protestants, pleased to see these omissions, did not like the emphasis on what they saw as ‘works of righteousness’, such as fasting twice a week.was popular among early believers and enjoyed wide circulation.Numerous early Church writers mentioned it and quoted from it frequently, for instance Clement of Alexandria, Origen, Eusebius and Athanasius.It is mentioned as being read in churches, but was not considered canonical or to be used to confirm doctrine.However, it could be seen as being fell out of popularity and was referenced much less.

These two paths would have already been well-known from Scripture (e.g. The Way of Life concerns one’s relationship with God as well as one’s relationships with other people.It has been described as one of the last voices of authentic apostolic faith: the final flowering of Judeo-Christianity before Greek influence and theology took charge.This alone makes it a fascinating and worthwhile document to study.Both sides inevitably attempted various interpretations to place it more comfortably within their own a short work, approximately one third of the length of Mark’s Gospel.

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