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As far as I knew, it was just going to be another weekend celebrating another San Diegan’s birthday. He was asking more questions than usual and was also not being as precise in his own answers when I asked what the plans were, who was going, etc.There was more to it but bottom line, some things just weren’t adding up.I was in a crisis of trying to get some color on my pale skin before I left.I totally remembered that Tyler was a trainer at one of our local gyms that had tanning beds so I texted him right away to meet me so he could tour me around (and maybe use his discount for a membership……) and to get my first tan in.HOWEVER, I also didn’t want to get ahead of myself and expect a proposal either.All I did was remind myself how pissed I would be come 10pm when we’re driving back home to LA and I have a big fat on my left ring finger.

And that’d be the end of think about these things).We headed over to a spot after just to get a small bite but that small bite turned into 2 hours of non-stop chatting over .It was one of those conversations you just never wanted to end; we were connecting or on the same page in our views, outlooks, experiences, opinions, everything at every point in the conversation. I started getting on Tyler about proposing August of 2017.We’d spoken about it but I mean, no moves were being made!We went ring shopping and I had already chosen the ring I wanted, yet still, nothing.

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