Dating sim for wii

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The only thing that might not appeal to everyone is the somewhat awkward suggestive themes on CGIs & dialogue.There is a 3th game Record of Agarest War 2 / Agarest: Generations of War 2 (Steam), that changes dramatically the gameplay , no longer a tactics game, but in compensation provides with way more awkwardness in "Dating Sim": Massages & Bathhouse Minigames.There's quite a bit of characterization in this regard since normally every party member will make a comment on what is currently happening on screen (this is also one of my favorite features of the game - no one is put onto the sidelines for the plot).In total there are 6 endings tied to affection, 1 for each of the four girls and 2 neutral ones.While I haven't played Fallout, the whole game is basically a treasure of choices.Starting with Chapter 2, the game introduces you to an affection system which revolves around the female members of your party.

Sometimes you will just get small talk about whatever you are inspecting, but more often than not it leads to one of the following: In case it's a choice, a lot of these will determine the affection value of one or more girls which is visualized by a heart or heartbreak symbol.You'd probably be better off looking for visual novels with gameplay rather than JRPGs with dating sim elements.The Agarest series does the JRPG-dating sim hybrid thing well, but the gameplay falls flat on its face as bland and slow.Since we're listing VN's I'm going to throw my 2 cents in and suggest Seinarukana: Spirit of the Eternity Sword.It may technically be a sequel, but it doesn't require a play of the first game and I'm approaching the end and it's probably one of my favorite visual novels now.

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