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Stone tools and animal bones with cut marks, excavated at a site in eastern Algeria, are up to 2.4 million years old, the oldest archaeological evidence in North Africa and one of the oldest known examples of butchery.

The finds suggest hominins, members of the human family tree, were living in the region almost half a million years earlier than previously thought.

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Since that time, Algeria’s collaboration with the OSCE has grown.The Oldowan style eventually spread as far as China, though at many sites it is unclear which hominin species made the tools.In 2013, researchers announced the discovery of North Africa’s earliest examples of Oldowan tools, and their use in butchering animals, at Ain Hanech, a site in northeastern Algeria. The New Oldest North African Butchers Today, however, several of the same researchers describe significantly older Oldowan tools, and animal bones bearing distinctive stone tool cut and smash marks.It has participated in the multitude of OSCE workshops and conferences aimed at the Mediterranean partners on topics such as combating terrorism, the role of armed forces in democratic societies and sustainable energy.Algeria participated in the 2013 Seminar on Enhancing Co-operation to Prevent Trafficking in Human Beings in the Mediterranean Region, which was of particular relevance given the large number of Algerian citizens trafficked in Europe.

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