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The mind may try to answer the question, but that is not the point of the exercise.We just want to feel the feelings that we’ve been hating on.Why don’t I argue about poor money management or addictions or an overreliance on religion or being a workaholic?Because I don’t have strong emotions regarding those things.We are both very good teachers in our respective strengths.However, we had a demand for our partners to be this way because we hated when these traits were absent in ourselves.Thirdly, if the situation isn’t too far gone and you stay in your relationship, you will now be much more capable in helping your partner.Where before you would borderline berate them or play the victim, you will now be able to actually give the help and support they would need to be better.

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These girls served as a contrast to me, as I’ve been on a self-improvement journey since eighteen.Your partner is a mirror for you to see your conscious and unconscious values and fears.Take the opportunity to learn from your partner as you make your relationship with each other better, forge better relationships and to improve the relationship with yourself.And therein lies the solution to getting off this hamster wheel of dating the same people with the same problems: you have to stop hating the absence of the trait you think you desperately need. Firstly, you will not be so triggered by your partner when they fail.Secondly, if starting a new relationship, you will not be attracting people who will have the same old problems.

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