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I have a good sense of humor I'm a transsexual lesbian I have been with only four women I'm a virgin I'm looking for marriage to a good trustworthy female I'm mtf trans-woman I hate horror movies am on disability, have developmentally challenged mood disorder skitz bi polar adhd.Well what can I say I'm just a down to earth girl with a wicked sense of humour.Easy to talk to, I love to listen and just be there for people when they need me.I'm a total animal lover, my dog is my best friend.

It is an essential part of trying to find love and happiness in life.I am analytical, organized, sensitive, and write copious Just looking to meet someone or some new friends, I'm very chill but also always on the go. Hello, I am looking for "Butterflies" the kind you get in your tummy when you meet someone new.I LOVE animals and I enjoy everything about nature. I am looking for the touching and kissing and friendship of a wonderful lady.However, things don’t always go as planned and you might end up with a few regrets.However, those regrets need not define the rest of your life and relationship choices.

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