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Each year the town of Cary blocks off their downtown main streets and hosts a 300 vendor-craft and entertainment fair.We had never been before and since we both work in the area, thought we would check it out.

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I would have paid at least ,000 for parking closer to the festival due to the 90 plus degree temperatures. One particular street entertainer completely weirded me out.Watching the fans at this concert dance, I dreamt that I was an audience member on the set of the reality show "Dancing with the Stars".Except when I say stars I mean stars above a cartoon character's head after being crushed by an acme anvil.The program mentioned these two could be seen by their old colonial "town crier" garb.Following lunch we walked outside and you guessed it, there was the town crier and his wife. I immediately ran up to the town crier, told him I read about him in the program, introduced myself and Jon and blurted out "AND WE JUST GOT ENGAGED!

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