Dating kindred spirits

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In the meantime, you can always catch us at one of my Strange Escapes trips, (Strange Escapes is my paranormal travel business.) Or check my appearances page to see if I’ll be in your area anytime soon! Adam and I know it’s been a long haul, but I promise that what ever comes next will be worth the wait.You guys are awesome and my husband and I will definetly do our part to keep you on the air!! Amy & Adam, Thanks for giving us a reasonable explanation as to what is going on behind the scenes regarding your show.I have been watching you and Adam since your GH days and have loved Kindred Spirits since the first episode. My favorite was the episode where a previous owner kept coming through and when you did an EVP in the attic with an interpreter you talked to Mr. That made me think about what it was like for all the immigrant families, past and present, who make America what it is today!! You 2 have worked hard to produce a quality show and your faithful followers don’t deserve to be treated this way. I suspect Paranormal Lockdown is encountering the same problems but Mr.Looking forward to a new season on Travel, hope it will be soon.. Amy & Adam, In the Davis Household, we truly hope that “Kindred Spirits” will find a place. I truly hope Kindred Spirits with you and Adam comes back on soon. Realizing you each have your separate and private lives, I hope you continue to make this show – it’s the best paranormal show out there!Your show is one of the few shows that helps homeowners to better understand why things that “go bump in the night” is not always bad. We have been watching you two from the beginning and love how you both work at getting things resolved. Paranormal enthusiasts, Patrice and Christian Fascinating Show!!!! I am so happy I happened upon this blog while searching the web, trying to find out if Kindred Spirits was coming back with new episodes.

The dust has now settled and we are so fortunate to be working with the same people at the networks we always have, but they’ve moved to Travel Channel – and so have we!I’ve enjoyed the two of you together since your Ghost Hunter days. I’m rooting for you to have as many seasons as you want. Regards, Larry Little Hoping that you guys will wind up somewhere. Good paranormal shows like yours, Ghost Hunters, and even Haunted Towns provide some history surrounding the Haunt and are not into just the scare factor.The empathy you and Adam unfailingly project to the families and the spirits (I think) inspires your viewers to be a little nicer to each each other. Hi that’s unfortunate, you have been through this with the merger and undecided from what the network wanted to do.In the middle of all of this – Discovery merged with Scripps networks.This was a massive merger that required government oversight and approval and took quite awhile.

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