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The storm brought with it storm surges of over 20 feet and pounding wind and rain, making it the strongest hurricane in modern records to batter this part of the Bahamian islands.Dorian is also tied for the strongest Atlantic hurricane landfall on record, on par with the 1935 Labor Day hurricane.Fadi is only seen emerging from the Travelodge in Covent Garden, central London, to smoke a cigarette or leave his 300sq ft room when the cleaners need to change his bed.The 46-year-old (left and, right, entering the hotel) allegedly 'went beserk' and smashed in the windows of his ex's exclusive Regent's Park property last month (inset, the couple in happier times).Formed in 2007 we have spent years honing the craft of entertainment.

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Mr Mc Donnell said he believed the idea would reverse problems caused by Mrs Thatcher's policy.We don't work with a set running order, but rather choose what to play "on the fly" based off YOUR advice prior to your big day, and OUR own years of experience of what to play and when including playing to all age groups and tastes (yes including waltzes, jives, etc etc) The main focus for us is to entertain and involve everyone - WE LOVE CROWD PARTICIPATION !!The Seducers are based in Meath and comprises of experienced musicians with the ability to cater for any occasion or musical taste.The prime minster was due to hold 'peace talks' with 21 rebel Tory Remainers such as Mr Gauke (right), who vowed to vote against No Deal despite the threat of deselection by the party at a future general election.A one-on-one meeting with Mr Johnson (left) was also offered to fellow Remainer Philip Hammond (inset).

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