Dating in the dark player

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Literally every night of the week, I'd be going out to clubs around the city, bottle service and all, looking to pick up women.

When you're young and dumb and living in sin city, you're likely to start making rounds. So I'd go out, meet some girl that swears she's a model, party until the clubs close and stumble back home with her.

But here's a little insight: You're not going to meet the man or woman of your dreams while smacked in a club. So once I was certain that things weren't going to get any more serious, I'd let her know. I spent time and energy focusing on finding brief moments of fun and excitement instead of working out my issues to allow myself to be ready for love again. Probably the easiest and most natural thing in the world.

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I'd end up hanging out with these girls multiple times -- enough times to understand whether or not I could date her.

Considering the drama is still unfolding in a very public manner on the new season of , Kardashian admitted that MJ had suggested she start dating accountants.

While that might be a reach, there is some wisdom to her grandmother’s advice — Kardashian has been used to dating young sports stars who are enjoying the spotlight and all that it brings.

I enjoy the company of a woman, even if it's only for a night or two.

And not just for the cardio; I enjoy going out to dinner, having conversations, etc.

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