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The use of charms and talismans, still prevalent in modern times, is of ancient origin.Apart from the treatment of wounds and broken bones, the folklore of medicine is probably the most ancient aspect of the art of healing, for primitive physicians showed their wisdom by treating the whole person, soul as well as body.The Alpha and Omega left a pattern of His fingerprints across each corner of the universe, found even in the tiniest crevices of our planet.A pattern that David Rives has devoted his life to finding and sharing.

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Will we still believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins and was raised again?

Administration of a vegetable drug or remedy by mouth was accompanied by incantations, dancing, grimaces, and all the tricks of the magician.

Therefore, the first doctors, or “medicine men,” were witch doctors or sorcerers.

Trepanned skulls of prehistoric date have been found in Britain, France, and other parts of Europe and in Peru.

Many of them show evidence of healing and, presumably, of the patient’s survival.

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