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I have a bunch of friends in that world, and I've realized that when it comes to that stuff, people blow things out of proportion. I don't pay too much attention to people talking about what goes on in the celebrity world. You admit to a lot of friends in the celebrity world. All that plays a part in this impression people have, and of course, being here in Los Angeles with all the press and perception. Think you can fill Broadway Joe's shoes if you go to New York? Probably the most awestruck I've ever been was when I met Muhammad Ali. That said, I don't lead the big glamorous lifestyle that a lot of people might think. Is there anything about you that would turn them off? I've heard you compared to everybody from Joe Namath to Frank Sinatra -- do you think that has anything, or everything, to do with you being in Hollywood? With all that, I think I've just handled everything well -- and that is, I've just done everything the only way I know how to do it. Maybe that has drawn some people in, because they know that I'm not one of those guys who is going to be arrogant and not one of those guys who is going to pop off at the media or make bad decisions. If I was to be a Jet, that would be sweet and I would do anything I can to help that team win. I'm going to say that whatever position that team feels they need most, that's what they are going to take. She was actually in that fashion show I mentioned with Reggie and I; she looked beautiful. I'm not trying to fill anybody's shoes, I'm just trying to be me. Well, I'm going to give you the politically correct answer. All right, so without inhibition, who is the hottest female athlete? Hey, I'm telling you, this could be a hefty advantage on draft day. And, I feel like, for me, what I bring to the table and what I offer to a team is a winning quarterback, a solid quarterback that has been successful at the highest level for multiple years. [laughing] Oh yeah, that's certainly right up there. Paris, Nick, Fez -- you know just about anybody who is anybody. Well, a couple weeks ago I met Jim Carrey, and I was pretty excited about that. I have never really formally met Shaq, but I've been around him because he did a coin toss at our game a few years back, and I was pretty psyched. I guess I'm not really a guy who gets overly excited about meeting celebrities, but athletes are different. Who do you talk to more, your mother or your agent? I think that's maybe a reason why some people might respect some of the things that I've done -- because I work really hard to try and be the best I can be, but at the same time I've enjoyed all of the opportunities I have gotten and I've remained the same person. I would never walk into a restaurant and say, "I want a seat now." That's not me.

I love getting dressed up in a nice suit every once in awhile, but every day, I'm in jeans or sweats and a T-shirt. I have learned that I need a lot more outfits than I have now. I can put together a white shirt and a tie, or something, but I need help in the color-coordinating department.

But that's the thing that makes Sharapova so sexy -- she looks good but she also plays really well.

I would have to say that Maria Sharapova is right up there for me. Those snowboard girls are pretty attractive, and Anna Kournikova -- when she was an athlete, I guess -- was by far, hands down, right up there.

By Mary Buckheit Page 2Last month, voters dubbed NFL draft prospect Matt Leinart the Hottest Male Athlete of the Year. The So Cal stud stands 6-foot-5, weighs a chiseled 225 (when he's not holding his Heisman) and has sprinkled touchdown passes and national titles all over the sunny streets of La La Land.

If they gave out an Oscar for Biggest Man On Campus, Matty would win walking away -- and his impressive armful of lovely lady friends could rival any leading lad's in Hollywood.

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