Dating girls with bad teeth fun online dating questions

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If people dont accept the things you love about yourself e.g your teeth, then they’re simply not worth it. You’ll soon realise anyone who judges you on your teeth is not worth your time.

Online dating is the predominant way that people meet today, and while it’s easy to hide any flaws in photos you post to your online dating profile, there will come a day when you meet face to face with a potential mate.

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Your smile is a powerful weapon in the game of love, and the state of it speaks volumes about what you think of yourself and whether you think you’re worth an investment in oral health care.

I think the only time I would be put off by someones teeth is if they were in such bad condition they were severely rotted, smelt bad and there was a large amount missing.

This is for the simple reason just because of certain reasons that could cause this.

Teeth have a greater impact than grammar, hair, nails, tattoos (or lack thereof), shoes, or the car they drive. The reality is that looks do matter, and while it’s natural to hope that your personality and intellect will trump all, if you want to make it to the second date, you have to look your best for the first one.

Maybe you’re having a hard time even making it to a first date, let along landing a second.

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