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It is an act parallel to creation, an act ex nihilo.Maybe I owe him a favor and am uncomfortable in refusing him, or perhaps I like having him owe me one.(There is, however, a valid form of questioning God's actions, which we will discuss in a later piece.) This aspect of chesed -- that it is by definition ex nihilo -- has an important ramification with regards to all the range of activity that the Torah deems chesed.The gift of life the parents have given a child is a gift that cannot be compared to any other act of kindness toward him.If you have played it already and are looking for more, then on this page you will find a list of games like My Candy Love.Flirting games are most loved by teen girls, and they are based on very popular Japanese dating games.It is just another action in the long series of links in the cause and effect chain.

It is true that it is preceded by "thought" but as far as "deed" is concerned it is the first step.While with regard to other mitzvot this would be a mere "blemish" on an otherwise fine deed, with regard to chesed, this corrupts its very essence.A chesed act, however, is an act which is not recycled -- for example, an anonymous gift to dedicate a scholarship fund.If that's the case, it's OK to just stop responding. Within the sphere of visible action, chesed is without cause, a proactive expression of expansiveness.

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