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Not used to being checked out non-visually, it was, quite frankly, the creepiest compliment I had ever received.

When Ashutosh and I had begun to chat, I had successfully closed a project with an NGO, and I was searching for more work.

The right half features a photograph of Nidhi, smiling as she holds a bouquet of flowers. People continued to say that Ashutosh didn’t speak much, that he was silent and private and he always needed someone stronger around him to take the lead, but the Ashutosh I knew was smart and funny and talkative.

In a couple of months, I knew his silliness, his fears, his procrastinations and the things that gave him a high.

Nights were scary and mornings brought no enthusiasm. Ashutosh was not the beacon of light in that darkness, but he just held my hand and showed me that the darkness can be lived through in comfortable and happy ways.

Instead of the warm emotion and empathy I felt I deserved at that point, he said, ‘Shut up and look at yourself. This is just a phase and I can tell you are going to be big in life, no one will be able to stop you, no man, and no heartbreak.’ And this was not just pep talk.

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