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I have always found Loreal’s shades to be somewhat more compatible with Indian skin, then other brands like Nyx, Max Factor etc, be it their lipsticks, blushes, eye makeup. What did you guys think about this product and this post? The new lipstick range that attracted me to their stall is the Loreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks. They have an almost flat bullet which is again as per my liking.The texture is the main feature of these lipsticks.

After ages, I went to Lifestyle this weekend to check out new cosmetics. This buys me a few more hours and enhances the color of the lipstick. I am suffering from a nasty lip boil, so am avoiding putting anything on my lips. Along with my Revlon Colorburst’s Peach and now Loreal’s Dating Coral, these two are going to be my handbag’s permanent members this summer.

They're lovely alright - and there's no doubt they have L'Oreal Paris' ass kicked into a cocked hat packaging-wise - but I'm not convinced if you can find a matching shade in the Rouge Caresse range that you should shell out for an Addict. And that's a bit of a saving on €31 for the ones Kate Moss is endorsing, eh?

With 10 shades on offer, there's not quite so many as Dior's round dozen colours, and there isn't as good a shade range on offer either.

They are very well moisturising balm sheer lipsticks.

The color you see in the bullet is reciprocated on the lips but in a sheer form.

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